A Brazileira

A&M 170.063 (SP020105)

Produção: Aloysio do Oliveira

Co-Produção: Lani Hall

Assistente de Produção: Ron Stone

Arranjos e Regéncia: Oscar Castro Neves

Released 1981

Track Listing

  1. Minha (Francis Hime-Ruy Guerra) 3:21
  2. Era Uma Vez Um Caso (Edu Lobo-Cacaso) 3:24
  3. Clareana (Mauricio Maestro-Joyce de Jesus) 3:31
  4. Trocando Em Miudos (Frozen Memories) (Francis Hime-Chico Buarque-Eng.: Lani Hall) 3:28
  5. Casa Forte (Edu Lobo) 2:26
  6. O Samba Da Minha Terra (Dorival Caymmi) 2:51
  7. Para-Raio (Djavan) 3:03
  8. Lamento (Pixinguinha-Vinicius de Morais) 3:24
  9. Olha Maria (Antonio Carlos Jobim-Chico Buarque) 4:21
  10. Eu E A Brisa (I Want To Stay) (Johnny Alf) 4:36
  11. Abre Alas (Ivan Lins-Vitor Martins) 3:38

Musicians: Oscar Castro Neves (violão, cavaquinho, teclados, percussão); Neil Larsen (teclados); Don Grusin (teclados); Abraham Laboriel (biaxo elétrico); Chuck Domanico (baixo acustico); Vince Colaiuto (bateria); Laudir Oliveira (percussão); Lani Hall (vocal, percussão); Glen Garret (flauta, flautim, oboe); John Mitchell (flauta, oboe, corno ingles); Phil Ayling (flauta, clarinete); Barbara Korn (trompa); Gerald Vinci (violino [spala]); Raymond Kelley (violoncelo); Alan Harshman (violino); Assa Drop (viola)


Returning to her adopted “roots,” Lani Hall and A&M released an album for the Brazilian market in 1981. The album is extremely rare in the US and is being reviewed here for the sake of completeness. Decidedly different from the two prior US “disco-era” releases, this album is much more reminiscent of the good old Brasil ’66 days. Considering that A BRAZILEIRA was never released in the U.S., it is somewhat ironic that three of the tracks are sung at least partially in English. These include the totally English “Trocando Em Miudos (Frozen Memories),” while “Eu E A Brisa (I Want To Stay)” and “Abre Alas” feature both Portuguese and English.

To fans of Brazilian music, a lot of familiar composers are represented here from Jobim to Lobo to Caymmi. Indeed one of the tunes, “Casa Forte” by Edu Lobo appeared on Sergio Mendes & Brasil ‘66’s FOOL ON THE HILL album. The arrangements here by former band-mate Oscar Castro Neves are breezy and refreshing, and Lani is at home on the vocals, sounding comfortable and confident. At times, as on “Casa Forte” and “Clareana” she does both lead and backing vocals, harmonizing beautifully through overdubs. Comparisons among A&M Corner fans who’ve managed to get hold of the album have revealed that there was a fairly major defect in the pressing run for this album, as all known copies seem to have bumps in the vinyl that make it a rather noisy listen. Hopefully someday a better release will come along as Lani’s fans all over the world deserve to hear this terrific collection of tracks.