Albany Park

A&M SP-4898

Produced and arranged by George Tobin
in association with Mike Piccirillo for
George Tobin Productions, Inc

Released 1982

Track Listing:

  1. Take The Money (Mike Piccirillo-Gary Goetzman) 5:15
  2. Who’s That Guy? (Mike Piccirillo-Gary Goetzman) 3:27
  3. I’ll Fall In Love Again (Austin Roberts-Todd Cerney) 3:22
  4. Under The Gun (Mike Piccirillo-Gary Goetzman) 5:03
  5. Bad Love (Dave Deluca-Janis Cercone) 3:36
  6. Jimmy Mack (Holland-Dozier-Holland) 3:05
  7. Here Comes Another Heartache (Mike Piccirillo-Gary Goetzman) 3:33
  8. Are You Cuckoo? (Russ Ballard) 3:45
  9. Rio (Michael Nesmith) 4:25

Musicians: Lani Hall (lead vocals), Ed Greene (drums), Scott Edwards (bass), Bill Cuomo (keyboards), Mike Piccirillo (guitars, synthesizers, background vocals and bells, bass and drums on 1,3,4 and 7), Joel Peskin (sax on 1,2,4 and 6), Jim Horn (sax on 8 and 9), Chuck Findley (trumpet and trombone on 8 and 9), Maxine and Julia Waters (background vocals), Robert John and Lani Hall (background vocals on 3).


Counting A BRAZILIERA, ALBANY PARK is Lani’s seventh solo album, and except for a couple of other tracks here and there would be her last English language album to date. And it’s a pretty good one, too. Singles from the album included the ballad “I’ll Fall In Love Again” and the Motown classic “Jimmy Mack”, but the really memorable effort here is Michael Nesmith’s “Rio.” Indeed, of all the tracks on the album, only “Rio” would show up on a future compilation album. Co-producer Mike Piccirillo’s “Take The Money” and “Under The Gun” on side one have a jazzy, contemporary feel to them, while “Who’s That Guy?” is bouncy and hook-laden. Lani gives an amusing staccato vocal treatment on Russ Ballard’s “Are You Cuckoo?,” while “Here Comes Another Heartache” sounds like it would be at home on a country music album.

A single from the album, “Jimmy Mack”, contained a b-side from the ALBANY PARK album sessions called “Love Makes The World.” It was composed by Mike Piccirillo and Gary Goetzman.