Classics Volume 19

A&M CD 2517

Produced by: Herb Alpert, Lani Hall, Sergio Mendes, Allee Willis

Released 1987

Track Listing:

  1. Send In The Clowns (2:21) – from SWEET BIRD
  2. Hello It’s Me (3:34) – from HELLO ITS ME
  3. Mister Blue (Misty Blue) (3:27) – from SWEET BIRD
  4. Happy Woman (Happy Man) (2:34) – from HELLO ITS ME
  5. I Don’t Want You To Go (4:42) – from BLUSH
  6. Vincent (5:56) – from SUN DOWN LADY
  7. We Could Be Flying (3:55) – from SUN DOWN LADY
  8. Love Song (2:55) – from SUN DOWN LADY
  9. Come What May (4:33) – from BLUSH
  10. Early Mornin’ Strangers (3:38) – from SWEET BIRD
  11. How Can I Tell You (2:57) – from SUN DOWN LADY
  12. So Long (2:55) – from DOUBLE OR NOTHING
  13. Midnight Lovers (3:28) – from COLLECTIBLES
  14. To Know (4:19) – from DOUBLE OR NOTHING
  15. The Moon Is All Alone (Like Me) (3:21) – from SWEET BIRD
  16. Never Say Never Again (3:09) – from COLLECTIBLES


This compilation album, CLASSICS VOLUME 19, was released in 1987 as part of A&M Records 25th anniversary celebration. The tracks selected for this album are comprised purely from Lani’s English language work, leaving the Latin music for yet another compilation the same year. Yet one album is curiously overlooked: ALBANY PARK. Seven of the selections included in COLLECTIBLES are repeated here, but are the original mixes as opposed to any of the reworked tracks from that album. This album generally fills the bill as a “greatest hits” CD for Lani, but unfortunately it has been deleted from A&M’s catalog and can be tough to find.

The album was also released on cassette without the “19” designation.