Hello It’s Me

A&M SP-4508

Produced and Arranged by Herb Alpert

Released 1975, remastered in 2013

Track Listing

  1. Hello It’s Me (Todd Rundgren) 3:35
  2. Peace In The Valley (Carole King-Toni Stern) 4:10
  3. Time Will Tell (Richard Mattley Jr.-David Shire) 4:16
  4. Banquet (Joni Mitchell) 2:48
  5. Wheelers And Dealers (Dave Frishberg) 2:35
  6. Happy Woman Happy Man (Peter Cetera) 2:35
  7. Exclusively For Me (Colin Blunstone-David Jones) 3:40
  8. Save The Sunlight (Buie-Cobb-Lee) 3:14
  9. Sweet Jams And Jellies (Lani Hall) 3:31
  10. Corrida De Jangada (Edu Lobo-J.Capinan) 1:54

Musicians: Lani Hall (vocals on all, piano on 9), Larry Carlton (guitar on 1,2,4,7,& 10), Wilton Felder (bass on 1), Clarence McDonald (keyboards on 1,2,6,& 9), Mark Stevens (drums on 1), Jim Hughart (bass on 2,4,& 7), Mike Melvoin (piano on 2 & 4), Jim Gordon (drums on 2 & 4), Pete Jolly (accordion on 2), John Pisano (guitar on 3,5,6,8, & 10), Ernie McDaniels (bass on 3), Herb Alpert (voice on 2 & 4, piano on 3, anvil on 4), Julius Wechter (bells on 3, vibes on 5, marimba on 8), Vince Charles (percussion on 3,5,6,8, & 10), Nick Ceroli (drums on 3), Dave Frishberg (keyboards on 3,5,8, & 10), Bob Edmondson (trombone on 3 & 8), Bob Findley (trumpet on 3 & 8), Mike Melvoin (piano on 4 & 5), Papito Hernandez (bass on 5,6,8, & 10), Steve Schaeffer (drums on 5,6,8 & 10), Michel Colombier (keyboards on 7), Emil Richards (cymbalom on 7)


Sharp-eyed TJB fans will recognize many of the above names – virtually the entire second incarnation of the Tijuana Brass back Lani in her second solo album, HELLO, IT’S ME. The album was produced over a two-year period from 1973 to 1975 during the YOU SMILE-THE SONG BEGINS and CONEY ISLAND sessions, hence the appearance of TJB-2. Even one of the songs from YOU SMILE, “Save The Sunlight” is redone here. On the former, Lani sang a duet with Herb, while here she goes it alone.

This album is a little more adventurous in the selection of material, ranging from incredibly soft ballads to the frenetic “Corrida De Jangada” where Lani returns to the familiar Portuguese of Edu Lobo’s Brazil. She really does it all on “Sweet Jams And Jellies”, writing the song, singing it, backing herself on piano, and she’s even given credit as a re-mix engineer along with Herb Alpert who also does everything on this album except play trumpet. Outstanding tracks include Chicago’s “Happy Man”, re-titled “Happy Woman”, and Dave Frishberg’s “Wheelers And Dealers”, which Lani performed when guest starring on Herb’s TV special.