Lani Hall

AyM SP-37008

Produced by: Camilo Sesto

Released 1984

Track Listing:

  1. Si Tu Fueras Capaz (Camilo Blanes-Sergio Fachelli) 3:32
  2. Para Vivir Asi (Camilo Blanes-Sergio Fachelli) 4:02
  3. Amo Al Amor (Camilo Blanes-Sergio Fachelli) 3:37
  4. Ven A Mis Brazos (Camilo Blanes-Sergio Fachelli) 3:56
  5. No Quiero Llorar (Camilo Blanes-Sergio Fachelli) 3:14
  6. Corazon Encadenado (Camilo Blanes-Sergio Fachelli) 4:08
  7. Que Te Propones (Camilo Blanes-Sergio Fachelli) 3:37
  8. Asi Es La Vida (Camilo Blanes-Sergio Fachelli) 3:22
  9. La Noche Es Mia (Camilo Blanes-Sergio Fachelli) 3:04
  10. Si Te Vas O Te Quedas (Camilo Blanes-Sergio Fachelli) 3:09

Musicians: not credited


With her first Latin album well-received, Lani Hall went back into the studio in 1984 to record and release her ninth solo effort, the self-titled LANI HALL. As she did on the previous album, she performs basically the whole set of songs by the same composer. This time it was Camilo Blanes and Sergio Fachelli, and the result is no less stunning than on the previous effort.

There are two duets here, Lani with producer Camilo Sesto on “Si Tu Fueras Capaz,” and “Corazon Encadenado.” Sesto also does background vocal work on “Para Vivir Asi,” with Herb Alpert providing the trumpet solo on it as well. Again, the material here is exceptional and well-suited for Lani’s vocal stylings. There’s the lively “Amo Al Amor” and “No Quiero Llorar,” and the bouncy “Que Te Propones” to provide balance with the more emotional ballads “Asi Es La Vida” and “Ven A Mis Brazos.” All in all, another sterling effort that’s a must-have for fans.