Sweet Bird

A&M SP-4617

Produced by Herb Alpert

Arranged by Michel Colombier, Herb Alpert, & Lani Hall

Released 1976

Track Listing

  1. Send In The Clowns (Stephen Sondheim) 2:21
  2. That’s When Miracles Occur (Andy Pratt) 3:07
  3. Early Mornin’ Strangers (Barry Manilow-Hal David) 3:40
  4. Mr. Blue (Misty Blue) (Michael Franks) 3:29
  5. Too Many Mornings (Bill Quateman) 4:40
  6. At The Ballet (Marvin Hamlisch-Edward Kleban) 6:27
  7. The Moon Is All Alone (Like Me) (M. Colombier-L. Hall-Fr.Lyrics E. Colombier) 3:22
  8. Dolphins Lullaby (Rick Roberts) 4:17
  9. Sweet Bird (Joni Mitchell) 2:53

Musicians: Lani Hall (all vocals), Michel Colombier (all keyboards), Larry Carlton (guitar), Lee Ritenour (guitar), Dennis Budimir (guitar), Chuck Domanico (bass), Stanley Clarke (bass on “Send In The Clowns”), Jim Keltner (drums and percussion), Milt Holland (percussion), Herb Alpert (trumpet solo on “Mr. Blue”), Michael Boddicker (synthesizer programmer), Bruce Swedien (microphone)


Lani’s third solo album, SWEET BIRD, continues to build on the strengths of the previous two. Her vocal work is as crystal clear as ever, and the material selected really showcases her talent. Again we hear a song that’s traditionally a slow ballad, “Send In The Clowns,” done in the opposite way – with a driving beat that features Stanley Clarke on bass. The album’s tour-de-force is Marvin Hamlisch’s “At The Ballet.” And Lani wrote the English lyrics for Michel Colombier’s “The Moon Is All Alone (Like Me)”. Other songwriters represented here are Barry Manilow with “Early Morning Strangers” and Michael Franks’ “Mr. Blue” which gets a trumpet solo from Herb Alpert. The title track is from Joni Mitchell and features Lani’s vocals backed by a 42-piece orchestra.