Guest Appearances

Catalog # Song Title Album Title Artist Year
A&M SPX 4281 We Could Be Flying WINGS Michel Colombier 1971
A&M SP-4314 Summertime SUMMERTIME Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass 1971
A&M SP-3120 Felicia POWERFUL PEOPLE Gino Vannelli 1974
A&M SP-3620 Save The Sunlight YOU SMILE, THE SONG BEGINS Herb Alpert & The T.J.B. 1974
A&M SP-4521 I Belong CONEY ISLAND Herb Alpert & The T.J.B. 1975
A&M SP-4591 The Day Will Come JUST YOU AND ME Herb Alpert 1976
A&M 1962 The You In Me B-Side To “African Summer” Herb Alpert 1977
A&M SP-3323 Odara TROPICO Gato Barbieri 1978
Milestone Records M-9084 Samba Michel EVERYDAY, EVERYNIGHT Flora Purim 1978
Silva America SSD 1017 Never Say Never Again NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN Original Soundtrack Album 1983 (1993)
A&M SP-4984   SP-12093 (12″) Olympia CONFETTI Sergio Mendes 1984
A&M SP-5022 Maniac BULLISH Herb Alpert Tijuana Brass 1985
A&M CD-5082 No Time For Time WILD ROMANCE Herb Alpert 1985
A&M SP-5125 Pillow KEEP YOUR EYE ON ME Herb Alpert 1987
A&M SP-5135 No Place To Hide BRASIL ’86 Sergio Mendes 1986
A&M CD-5209 Ancient Source UNDER A SPANISH MOON Herb Alpert 1988
A&M CD-5273 When The Lights Go Down Low MY ABSTRACT HEART Herb Alpert 1989
ALMO Sounds DTS CD 1016 Brasil Nativo PASSION DANCE (DTS) Herb Alpert 1997
Windham Hill Jazz 01934-11370-2 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas A JAZZ CHRISTMAS Various Artists 1998
ALMO Sounds AMSD-80025 The Look Of Love HERB ALPERT & COLORS Herb Alpert 1999
Concord UCCO-9160 Dreamer ENCANTO Sergio Mendes 2008