Lo Mejor De Lani

AyM SP 37018

A&M 8360 37018-2 (CD)

Produced by: Juan Carlos Calderon, Camilo Sesto, Albert Hammond, and Allee Willis

Released 1987

Track Listing:

  1. Te Quiero Asi (3:40) – from LANI
  2. Es Facil Amar (4:01) – from ES FACIL AMAR
  3. Corazon Encadenado (4:00) – from LANI HALL
  4. Brasil ’66 Medley (5:57) – from LANI
  5. Un Amor Asi (3:12) – from ES FACIL AMAR
  6. Lo Que Siento Hoy Por Ti (4:03)
  7. Para Vivir Asi (4:01) – from LANI HALL
  8. Si Tu Fueras Capaz (3:28) – from LANI HALL
  9. ¿Estare Enamorada? (3:08) – from LANI
  10. Te Seguire (3:29) – from LANI


LO MEJOR DE LANI is Lani Hall’s Latin greatest hits album, with nine of her best tracks from the three Latin albums, plus one additional track – “Lo Que Siento Hoy Por Ti.” This is actually “Come What May” with Spanish lyrics written by Luis Angel. The basic track is from the BLUSH sessions with a new vocal track in Spanish by Lani and Herb Alpert. A fine CD if you can find it. Unfortunately, like all the others, it’s been deleted from the A&M Records catalog.